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We Provide Assessment and Support for Children and Adults in Edmonton

At Resolutions Centre for Counselling, Assessment and Psychological Services, we help provide children and adults with the support they need.

  • Adolescent Psychopathology Scale

  • Vineland Adoptive Behavior Scale

  • ABAS-3 Adaptive Behavior Assessment 3rd Edition

  • BASC-3 Behavior Assessment System for Children 3rd Edition

  • Risk and court assessments

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Current Alberta Education guidelines indicate that the threshold for being considered “gifted” is an IQ score of 130, plus or minus five.


Gifted students often require different programming and support in order to help them succeed. Some gifted students may be more at risk emotionally, socially, and academically, including divergent thinkers with ideas that seem logical to them but are unusual to classmates and creative high achievers, especially those with artistic gifts, who may experience isolation and depression.


To learn more about our assessment process and how you can better support your gifted child, please contact us today.

Gifted Child

For parents or school staff members, seeking advice from a trusted professional can be helpful if you suspect a child is gifted. They will be able to conduct a formal assessment to evaluate the child’s intellectual and academic abilities. They can then assist in determining the appropriate programming for them.

In Canada, identifying gifted children varies across provinces and territories and each educational authority, such as school boards, may have its own procedures for identification. These may include:

  • Some children may undergo an individual assessment – either a full one or a brief one – known as a psychoeducational assessment. This evaluates their cognitive abilities, academic performances, socio-emotional abilities, and potential characteristics for giftedness.

  • Other children may instead be assessed using a group-administered cognitive screening measure by a qualified teacher at their school.

  • In some cases, both methods may be used to identify giftedness.


A formal assessment attempts to provide an understanding of the child’s abilities and ensure they get the appropriate support to nurture them and their unique needs. It can also provide insight for parents, educators, and the child themselves to understand the challenges they may be facing. The goal is to provide a collaborative support system for the child so they can thrive academically and emotionally.

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