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Resolutions Centre’s Child Psychology Services in Edmonton

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At Resolutions Centre for Counselling Assessment and Psychological Services, our psychologists and counsellors can help your child to discuss the life issues and traumas that limit their emotional growth. This is done through traditional counselling and behavioural therapies which are specifically tailored to the unique needs of children and adolescents.

For adults, it is easy to view the life of a child or adolescent as being uncomplicated. But, children often face the same psychological issues as adults, including trauma, anxiety, depression, and especially self-esteem. As their bodies, minds and environments are rapidly evolving, many kids have 

difficulty in understanding who they are and defining their self worth.

Play Therapy

We also use an effective technique known as “play therapy” that has proven to be beneficial for troubled and/or confused children. Play therapy uses fun, engaging activities to help children accept themselves and others while resolving personal and inter-personal issues.

Why Doesn’t My Child Discuss Feelings?

Often times, children just want to be viewed as “normal” by their family and friends, so sharing their feelings may not be easy. Through various activities, we can help minimize the social pressures that inhibit discussions related to traumatic experiences, abuse, or sadness. By encouraging discussion of their everyday lives and feelings, children and adolescents are better able to express their emotional needs.

Parent-Child Relationship Counselling

As in many forms of relationships, parents and children can have ongoing disagreements that never seem to reach a positive conclusion. At Resolutions Centre, our counsellors facilitate discussions and offer techniques which can improve the relationship you share with your child or adolescent.

If you’re ready to take the first step in discussing the needs of your child, please give us a call today.

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