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"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order." - Carl Jung

About the Team at Resolutions Centre in Edmonton

The Resolutions Centre for Counselling Assessment and Psychological Services was formed by three like-minded counsellors looking to combine their professional skills to better serve their patients. At our centre, we share similar treatment philosophies which we call “Our Core Values”.

Our Core Values

We believe that every individual has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

We believe all individuals can change and that such change is best facilitated within a relationship of trust, respect, concern and knowledge.

We believe in working with the strengths of an individual and using these strengths to overcome those areas of weakness that limit personal fulfillment.

We believe that there is a better future ahead for those who face and overcome the trials and tribulations that occur in every life.

We believe that every person is unique and that every solution will be unique as well. We will serve as a catalyst for change, change that will be accelerated by developing a relationship of understanding.

Dr. George Pugh, Ph. D., R. Psych., Registered Psychologist,with over 30 years of experience offers solution-focused brief therapy for adults and adolescents. He has developed a unique approach to not only gaining an understanding of the core problems that prevent personal growth but has also developed strategies that address these deeper issues. When core problems are acknowledged a sense of relief occurs. When the healing strategies are implemented, a new sense of self, personal acceptance and self-esteem begins to emerge. Once these two stages are completed the client experiences a new sense of integration and is ready to leave treatment and move forward to higher levels of functioning in their personal life. Dr. George Pugh is currently writing a book describing the principles of Iconic Therapy and explaining the Healing Journey to Personal Freedom.

Mr. John Bossio, M.A., R. Psych., Registered Psychologist, has over 15 years of experience in the human services profession and has training and experience in a number of areas including individual, family, adolescents and adults. He also has extensive training in addictions.

Ms. Christine Pugh, M.A., R. Psych., Registered Psychologist,has over 15 years experience offering comprehensive treatment to children and adults. Trauma has impacted the lives of many, from the very young to the elderly and most often these experiences have altered one’s ability to grow and develop. Through understanding core issues and harnessing the individual’s strengths we will work together to heal from trauma, revitalized to take up life’s journey.

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