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Resolutions Centre’s Addiction Therapy Services in Edmonton

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If addiction has taken over your life, our team of psychologists and specialists can help you break the cycle and find true happiness. For over 15 years, the Resolution Centre for Counselling Assessment and Psychological Services has comforted patients who have experienced unimaginable pains and losses due to addiction. Recovery is more than just removing the addiction; it is helping you find the peace and joy in your life so going without the addiction becomes much easier.

At the height of addiction, whether by drugs, food, sex, gambling, or any other stimulant, your only feeling of happiness may come from satisfying the 

addiction. You may remember being happier before the addiction began, but feel you are unable to return to your “old self”. Often times, this can lead to relationship breakdowns with family members, friends and co-workers, creating a further sense of detachment and isolation. At Resolutions Centre, you are never alone; we are here to help you each step of the way. Call us today.

Though many of the addictions we treat are due to drugs, alcohol, or gambling, our services are available to anyone who wants to remove compulsive or addictive behaviour from their lives.

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